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Shamanic Spirit

I love the life I live!

I am a self-confessed tree hugger – prolific, in fact – and has no inhibitions when it comes to loving nature in all its variances.

I grew up with a Methodist Mother and an Atheist Father, neither of whom was very spiritual or inclined to healing. It was my sister that showed me the way from a very early age, in fact it was her disability and the fact that we could communicate with each other without speech that first awakened me to the psychic world around me.

My first encounters with spirit were as a child, when I spent many hours playing with the fairies and gnomes in my garden and walking with them into their realms. I experienced the classic poltergeist as a teenager and got to know the spirits (two of them) that lived in my parent’s attic, pretty well. I was also aware at this time of a growing sense of never being alone and it was around this time that I first started working with the Spirit Board (ouiji)

I was in my late teens when I picked up my first set of tarot cards and started to read. At this time I was also reading lots of books covering many aspects of mind, body, spirit, astrology, tarot, divination, crystals and healing the self and this began my journey of self discovery.

For many years I was content to explore my path in a solitary fashion, doing readings for friends, family and anyone who asked. Developing my gifts further.

There were occasions where friends would ask for a treatment like a manicure or facial and one day a friend suggested that I should take this further and become a beauty therapist, so I decided to give it a go. Going back to college was fun but I found the beauty therapy too restrictive and was attracted more to the massage techniques I was taught and how these affected the whole body and mind, not only the external features. I really wasn’t on board with the whole ‘beauty is only skin deep’ culture.

So I began training, starting with a diploma in reflexology, taking my anatomy and physiology certificate at the same time, then I did my training in Indian Head Massage, flowing onwards from this I was drawn to take a diploma course in Clinical & Holistic Aromatherapy. This awakened latent passions for touch therapy and a desire to explore the oils, plants and herbal remedies further and I ended up a pretty keen herb gardener

Over the years I have been drawn to other massage techniques, including Thai foot massage and when I finally became my own boss for the first time with Phoenix Healing (my business name back when), I designed my own unique set of massages tailored to the needs of my clients at the time… this was a very rewarding time for me.

At this time my spiritual path was also shifting a gear and moving me onwards and I was becoming more and more draw towards the healing energies until I was introduced me to a friend who was a Reiki Master and she agreed to give me my first degree in Reiki.

From Reiki I was led into a path of Celtic witchcraft and shamanism that has seen me go through many initiations including 2nd degree in Wicca; Spider rebirth and initiation and many shamanic initiations, little deaths and transformations through the years.

I also went on to get my Reiki Master/Teacher, then followed that with Violet Flame Master/Teacher. Following this I moved to Australia where I received my Seichem Master/teacher; I was given my MAP – Medical Assistance Program (with spirit and the White Brotherhood) – training; and I received my Munay-Ki Rites. Following this was a period of calm where I was building my Shamanic Spirit community in both Australia and when I returned to London, UK.

Throughout my journey I have had the honour to study with, be mentored by and guided by some beautiful people and spirits, each with their own wisdoms to share, including Sorita D’Este (Author and Owner of Avalonia Books); The Nepalese Shaman; Billie Dean; and not forgetting my Spirit Guides and White Feather (my spirit mentor, teacher, gate-keeper and medicine man)

So now I am a self-confessed tree hugger – prolific, in fact – and have no inhibitions when it comes to loving nature in all its variances. I like to think I have a love for life and am constantly reaching for the next opportunity and experience.

I now live in the beautiful and mystical town of Glastonbury in the UK and am often found walking in nature with my dog, Rufus, the Irish Setter (you’ll meet him when you meet me :)). I’ll often be found buried nose deep in a good-ish book, dancing in line to some country music or buried knee deep in herbs, flowers and gnomes in my back garden.

I still spend some of my time in London each week using my aromatherapy with learning disability adults to help them with calming, relaxation and attention deficit issues. This is in part to give back to the community I grew up in with my sister, but also I absolutely love the work and the clients are wonderful, loving and gentle spirits that I am honoured to know. The rest of my time in London is spent helping my parents who are getting on a little now and socialising with friends who still live there.

My healing journey has taken me to many places from Egypt to Peru; from Australia to Wales; from Devon to Hawaii, and in my many travels and initiations I have found a deep love of myself, others and the world awakening as a foundation for all that I experience in life.

As a healer, spirit channel and teacher of the shamanic, sacred and spiritual pathways, I want to bring the experience of connection; the journey into other realms and realities; the excitement of knowing your guides; and the oneness that is true healing into as many peoples experiences as I can reach.

Loving blessings and Hugs

Alison x


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