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Shamanic Spirit

Shamanic Healing | Spirit Reading

Support, Spiritual Guidance, Love and Healing to Give You Wholeness

Healing the body and soul is a journey and it’s a journey we will travel together, one step at a time, peeling back the layers that have built up over old traumas and pain, healing each layer fully and completely, through touch; sound; movement; healing energy and shamanic medicine tools, whilst giving you the guidance and support you need as you fully immerse yourself in the journey you are taking.

Over the last 20 years or so, I have walked many healing, sacred and spiritual paths, using many tools and energies including shamanic healing and soul retrieval; Reiki; Violet flame; Seichem; clinical and holistic aromatherapy; reflexology and Thai massage; Indian Head massage and chakra healing; tuning forks and gongs, drum and sound healing; crystal healing; spirit channeling and compassionate dispossession, amongst others.

I have also undergone many initiations and received many healing transmissions including the Incan Munay-Ki Rites; MAP (Medical Assistance Program with the White Brotherhood); Reiki Drum master/teacher; Spider rebirth and initiation; past life healing and regression and more…  Each pathway I have walked has led me to you!

I have had the honour of working with many wonderful people, both in a healing and teaching role and over the years have assisted them in peeling back the layers of their challenges and issues, helping overcome hurdles and gain real insight into their own soul journey… some of the ways I can assist you include…

Body Confidence     Self-Worth    Loving Touch    Feeling Powerless    Body Pain
Soul Rescue & Release    Connecting & Living with Your Spirit Guides     Depression     Stress
Accepting Yourself
    Spirit Attachment & Possession     Grief & Loss    Living with Learning Disabilities     
Tiredness & Overwhelm     Psychic Attack     Past Life & Karmic Trauma    Ancestral Connections    Fear & Anxiety
Leaving or Changing Damaging Relationships    Living with Love    Dis-Ease    Self-Judgement    Tension Release

When you begin to get the support, guidance, connection and healing you need, this is when you begin to transform your life into the life you have always wanted for yourself, developing those deep connections and a healthy balance in both your relationships and in your own spiritual journey to give you strong, supportive foundations to build on.

Each healing and reading session is molded uniquely around you, your needs and your timetable. Together we will bring you clarity, healing and the information from spirit that you need to lead you into a stronger and easier future.

Where is your soul guiding you…

I invite you to connect with me either by calling/texting me on 07952 041477 or emailing me and we can begin your journey to wholeness today.

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