During the last month I have been called to revisit some old work with my shadow self to help me understand some of the grief and sadness that has surrounded me and mine due to the loss of a beautiful woman called Mary (my mother-in-law).

IMG_1745MaryWorking as a channel I know that Mary has moved on to a beautiful place of peace and love and is now happily surrounded by her soul group, however this does not always help those left behind to find peace with this leaving and no matter how much of the spirit realms you understand there is nothing that prepares you for being left behind especially suddenly like this was.

So in this blog post I am sharing my thoughts and an old show on Shadow Play that I recorded back in 2011 when I was living in Australia, which I feel is important to share at this time.

My shadow and I have not had a easy time together recently and I have been following the ‘Stick my head in the sand’ approach to working with it, instead choosing to ignore bad stuff and just focus on the positive.  Unfortunately this has created an inbalance as my spirit and body need to experience and acknowledge the process of grief that I am going through and work with those shadow (negative) emotions and honour them.

Through this process I am coming to find that its not really about being happy 24/7, its actually about being engaged in life, whether that’s the good, the bad or the ugly. Its the taking part in every moment of life that is important and it is that stimulation, challenge, experience etc… that makes life worth living and gives us all those moments of true import, whether they are happy or sad, angry or calm, joyful or depressed, for all of these emotions are important to live life well!

So here is the show on Shadow Play… Enjoy 🙂