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Shamanic Spirit

Readings with Spirit

Clarity is Closer than You Think with the Guidance of Spirit

Struggling to find that elusive next step?

Stuck at a crossroads in your life and you just want someone to point the right way forward to you?

Want that additional confirmation that tells you that your intuition is spot on?

Here’s your chance

This is your opportunity to speak to your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels or Ascended Beings and to get their take on your journey, your challenges and offer you the guidance you need on your path.

I am a Trance Possession Channel, meaning I allow Spirit to use me to speak to you!

You can have a direct and personal conversation with Spirit, whether through White Feather (my Spirit Guide, Teacher and Mentor) or with another Spirit that has chosen to talk with you.

I am also a Tarot Reader and Psychic (Clairsentient) and use psychometry, tarot and oracle cards to allow me to tune into your energy and feelings during your reading.

All readings will be as long as Spirit and you need them to be and during our session together they may offer many forms of wisdom and guidance including healing and clarity for your unique challenges.

Throughout the reading you may ask as many questions as you want – Spirit do like a good conversation as much as they like you to listen to them 🙂 and enjoy to embrace your way of being into any steps and teaching they may give you.

These sessions will be recorded by me and you are also welcome to request these recordings or take your own.

If you have any questions prior to booking your reading then please fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page and I will be happy to help.

Want to book your reading?

In person Readings with Spirit are held at my safe and spiritual home in the beautifully spiritual town of Glastonbury in beautiful Somerset.  Readings are £25 each.

Online Readings with Spirit connecting with me through Messenger and Zoom.  Readings are £25 each. (Payment in advance only)

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