P2244336Recently I was chatting to some of my friends about the nature of magick and found that many believed that magick is just what happens within circle, at an allocated time and place, with situable preperation prior to the event… so I would like to share with you how I see magick and what it means to me… Magick is everywhere, its in everything we do and are all the time and can help every situation and challenge!

So whether you are a high magick practitioner, a wiccan, a witch (of any denomination), or a practitioner of any other faith and religion, you can still practice magick.  Magick, by definition, is changing the energy and flow of our thoughts and emotions for ‘our highest good’ to create change in our lives so that we and our environments are enhanced in some way.

So if you are a healer, a teacher, a doctor, a mentor, a person in service to others or in fact any job description I can think of, then I can guarantee you have been practicing magick in your life.

HIMAG1020ave you ever blow out your birthday candles and made a wish – magick – have you ever looked to the sky and thought how lovely it would be if something happened or even made shapes out of the clouds – magick – have you ever smelled roses and felt better – plant magick – have you ever picked fruit or flowers to create something in the kitchen and created it – magick – have you ever meditated, sang or played a drum to create an energy change within you or to reveal your path – magick – do you follow the ‘Law of Attraction’ or another path of manifestation – magick – have you ever healed someone with Reiki or other healing energies – magick – etc…

As a magical practicioner I was never shown or taught this stuff, we were never shown how to take magick into our everyday lives and live from this perspective, although we were encouraged to ‘live magically’.  We were told ‘As above so below’, ‘As within so without’ but never truly shown what this means.  For me it was becoming a healer, an earth walker and a spirit channel that opened these doors for me, for I realised that anything that manipulates or channels energy can be used for transformation and change in our lives.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is important to remember that magick doesn’t only happen within a magick circle that is especially cast to create just the right conditions for the magick to happen, this is a powerful way to perform magick but it also works powerfully in the mundane world too.  In the mundane if you see things as unchangeable, then they will be unchangeable; if you see things as difficult then they will be difficult; if you believe yourself to be lost or confused, then guess what, you will be lost and confused… there is another way however for if you believe in things being easy then they become easier; if you believe your circumstances can be changed then you will be shown ways to change them; and if you have faith in you path through life, with all its twists and turns, being the best path you could walk for the lessons you need to learn, then it will be!

It is my belief that magick happens everywhere, in any time and in any location, the main thing to remember is that magick is ALWAYS performed from a place of love, a place of faith in the highest good, and a place of the best result for all concerned.

Don’t put yourselves in a box with no doors, don’t put restrictions on your life and what you can achieve just because you feel that somethings can only be done in one way… there are many ways and many paths to explore… please allow yourselves to explore them all!

Here’s to being the best you can be and living a life that full, stimulated and filled with peaceful joy 🙂

Blessings to you all