IMAG1020Journeying through the landscape of Shamanism and earth walking has taught me many things, values and ways of being and I would like to share some of this journey with you.

I am a Shamanic practicioner, Celtic Witch and Earth walker born in Wales and brought up in the UK, where my journey began and continues after a short break in Australia.  I have spent a number of years now exploring the natural cycles of the earth, speaking the language of the plants and trees and celebrating the Celtic medicine wheel.

It is my experience that being an Earth Keeper means to never underestimating the wonder of this planet that we live on and all the creations living beside us, sharing our lives and space.  Living in balance and bringing balance where possible, to the world around me.  Loving and respecting all the species of this Earth, be they plant, animal or mineral and always giving an offering to the Earth to replace what I have taken.

On my path I have met many guides, mentors and teachers, the most constant of these being White Feather, originally from South America BCE, he lived as a human in native tribes on that continent for many years before choosing to become a Spirit Guide to others who chose to follow the path.

I first met White Feather whilst using a spirit board with my partner and that was the start of a very fulfilling and lasting relationship with Spirit as both a spirit channel and friend – this is the inspiration for the Path of Spirit workshop.

This was one of White Feathers first messages to me…

“I am White Feather, a shaman from the old lands.  I have come to tell you of the old ways through which generations lived and breathed.  I am here to fulfil the legacy of the Old Ones through their teachings and understandings.  I am here to be a teacher and a guide.  I am here to pass the knowledge of the Old Ones to you.  Thank you for letting me” 

Ali & RufusWhite Feather teaches me that we are all one energy, so the energy that we give out from ourselves is the energy that we will receive in return. Whilst journeying he has introduced me to other Guides, Angels, Power Animals, Nature Spirits, Elementals and Plant Spirits that walk beside me on my path, bringing me messages and communications, teaching and wisdom for the world and all within it and I will soon be sharing some of this with you all in a new book to be published in 2015.

in 2009 on retreat, I went on a sacred journey to learn all about the Shamanism of the Inca’s and become initiated into the Munay-Ki rites and the path of fire.  I connected to the ancestors of the Incan peoples learning the ways of the fire and how it cleanses and renews you, worked with the elements and discovered many new pathways opening up ahead for me.

In my explorations of the natural world and the wonders of plants and their spirits,  I have made a connection with the Faye spirit of Mugwort, a beautiful, ethereal, vibrant female energy, and also reconnected to my Chestnut Dryad to begin journeys once more through the landscapes of the woods and forests on this wonderful earth which have guided me to bring you my Path of Earth workshop.

I have connected with two powerful animal spirits, Panther and Spider, who bring healing and protective energies to my healing ways and I am brought closer to knowledge and wisdom that the plants, roots and trees can give us.  Giving something of myself in return back to the land – usually grains or money as payment for the gifts I am given.

The shaman path and earth keeper is one of truth, love and understanding of ways that are more than us, of beings that are beyond this world and of wisdom that has been passed down across ages and realms.  If you should choose this path for yourself, you will be choosing a path of empowerment, responsibility and great fulfilment.

The Earth is calling me home and I am following her call!