Hi there, I’m Alison SpiritWeaver and I’d like to welcome you to these pages and invite you to take a look around and see what draws you.

Every workshop, every initiation, every blog, every community gathering and every healing, spirit reading or teaching session you choose to experience

as you are guided through the pages of this website, will open you up to the wisdom of the Spirit, re-connect you to Mother Earth, allow you to experience deep soul healing and open you to the freedom, nurture and
fun of the Plant, Animal and Faye Spirits, taking you on a journey of self-discovery and joy.

I invite you to transform your life by aligning with your own intuition, finding that deep connection to the spirit realms and to the spirits in nature all around us, by honouring and celebrating all aspects of
reality through shamanic journey, meditation, trance, dance and movement, sound and colour, energy healing, crystals, loving touch, shamanic earth walking, ritual and ceremony.

I am not here to judge, censor or command you, I am here to guide, encourage and nurture you on your path, support you on your journey, and walk beside you through your healing and I love seeing your lives
become easier, flow more gently, become more exciting and fill with new adventures and challenges, all of which bring me great joy.

"The introduction into how to feel energy from the crystals, how to tune into them. Once you guided me in to how to notice the feelings I receive from crystals, they have now become a very important tool in my life. I use them every day and use my intuition as to which crystals to use, how and when."

Katie, East Sussex

"Alison is a good, gentle and powerful teacher with a beautiful, kind and peaceful heart. With Alison you know the space is always protected and safe to open yourself to receive the teachings and go deeper and further than before."

Bhavna, SW London

"Alison creates a safe and supportive space to learn that somehow ensures that each of us got what we needed. She weaves a series of activities and experiences together and shares her knowledge throughout the sessions in a way that makes it accessible to learners of all levels of experience. I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to have her as a teacher and guide."

Ann, Uxbridge

“Hi Alison, Just to say that I felt so good after last night, I was buzzing, and was still awake at 1.30 a.m., needless to say, the day today has been an outstanding day in many ways. Wow, what a bit of energy can do - thank you.”

Eileen, Glastonbury

"Alison is competent and spiritually very powerful. It had a very profound effect on me"

Mary, North London

"Most enjoyable, this course was not only learning it was also fun"

Gillian, Kent

"Alison, thanks for the sound healing. It was my first try and it won't be my last. Very relaxing and it felt like it really cleared some deep stuff. I feel very refreshed... thanks :)"

Megan, Surrey

"Thank you Alison for your treatments, I feel great. You make people feel better with your treatments and by just being yourself"

Sharon, Surrey

"Alison? I can honestly say she is amazing. She makes a seemingly distant possibility become an easy, every day reality. She opens hearts, minds and abilities. A very gifted lady who will empower you on your journey like nobody else. Think you can't do something well? She'll show that you can while showing you how. She can literally make your world make sense."

Cin, East Sussex

"From the first meeting I have learnt a great deal from her, Alison is very knowledgeable and is very generous to help and share this knowledge. From all the help I have received, I am now running my own Workshops and drum circles. I would highly recommend going to Alison for courses or treatment."

Ruth, Pembrokeshire

"The mediumship or more exactly the way that you taught me how to read the cards, to completely trust and not to second guess the information you receive and to not expect validation from the recipient. This has been very important to me in my development and I truly believe that had I not been taught in this manner, I would not be the confident reader I am today."

Katie, East Sussex

"I took my Munay-Ki training with Alison over a couple of years. Having already developed quite lot on my spiritual journey, I found the all the rites as I received them one by one - deepened my connections and furthered my development. It was really powerful. I found myself connecting to all of life in different ways. I found my journeys took me to distant places as I connected/reconnected to the the great spirit in different and powerful ways."

Bhavna, SW London

"You have the gift of soul reading, for lack of a better word. You can express what the soul of a person (mine in this case) feels and which actions would be good steps to take to move forward in dealing with feelings or an issue."

Paula, Germany

"Working with Ali was a joy! The experience of her course had a deep and lasting impact on me and I continue to learn from her and with her as I grow. Her approach was a challenge to me initially as I like process and structure to give me an illusion of control - but I realised that what I needed was not to be 'taught' and take lots of notes but to experience and to surrender to the path she leads you through so expertly."

Ann, Uxbridge

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